Here’s the most important thing you need to know:
We’re much more than just a non-profit. 

PIFLA Downtown

Since 1995

Pay It Forward For A Better L.A. (PIFLA) was founded by Lori Neville.

Pay It Forward was designed to be the ultimate local charity hub, partnering with local nonprofits and individuals to solve issues that seemed otherwise insurmountable.

A Small Energized Team

We’re super proud of our diverse and talented team.

One County, Many Cities

PIFLA works with hundreds of individuals and small businesses –  just like yours. PIFLA bridges the gap between LA’s underserved kid’s and their prosperous future. Millions of kids live under the poverty line in LA, without access to the tools to get ahead. We provide that access.

Success is not how high you have climbed, but how do you make a positive difference to the world! Life is about excepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey!

Our History

Pay it Forward for A Better LA was always thinking far outside the box – providing food, education, clothes, books, sporting goods, and anything we thought would help the underserved. We started with basically nothing, but as our mission was touching the community – the community began jumping on board. With donations and volunteers from age 5 to age 95, we tried tackling anything that we saw needed help. PIFLA wants history to keep repeating itself as we continue growing and assisting more and more people, and more people in turn help us.  It takes an army of diverse people to be able to touch so many.

Our Promise

Our promise is to help as many of our underserved youth, and allow them thrive. Give them all a chance to be the best they can be and continue to pay it forward. Every child deserves a chance in life.

President’s Statement

“With the world turned upside down, I want Pay It Forward for a Better L.A. to be the gold standard for giving the underserved a hand up. Our children are suffering. The future of our community. PIFLA is here to help. But we can do so much more.

Despite what we’ve accomplished so far, there are so many more opportunities for PIFLA to make an even bigger impact in the future. With our wealth of resources and connections, PIFLA truly has the ability to turn nothing into something. We’ve proven that over the years, even in the beginning on a shoestring budget.

With working capital, we can secure deals for pennies on the dollar, into things people need to succeed. We always make sure that not only the kids have what they need, but that the family has everything it needs to thrive as well. PIFLA doesn’t see race, creed or color. We are all Angelenos and by working together we will move forward in a stronger way—as a community.”

– Lori Neville, Founder & President of Pay It Forward For A Better L.A.