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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become involved?

Our kids our the future of the world. We have so many wonderful, unserved kids, kids not getting a chance to thrive, foster care failures, abuse throughout. When volunteering and/or donating, you will see an impact that keeps drawing people back and continuing to “Pay it Forward”.

How can I help PIFLA?

Money donations or products, especially everyday items we frequently use. Our organization has the ability to use or repurpose almost everything. And yes, we love and need volunteers!

Are donations tax deductible?

Absolutely! PIFLA makes sure donors get a receipt right away.


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What and who are those that specifically benefit from PIFLA? 

Underserved youth, charter schools, group homes, the projects in south LA, and we sponsor more than 100 other charities to make sure the kids get what they need.

Who are the key people in PIFLA, and what are their roles? 

Lori Neville, President and CEO.

Why was PIFLA founded (how did PIF come about)? 

Lori Neville founded PIFLA because in working with other charities she saw there was a great need to be hands on in the community.  Neville saw a giant need to reach out and try to get every underserved kid a chance.  And onward we went.

Where is PIFLA located and the geographic areas of influence?

Low income LA area’s including the San Fernando Valley, Riverside County, the City of Corona, Sylmar after-school and summer programs, The Projects in Downtown LA, South Central, and any place we are needed

What individuals or organizations does PIFLA donate to?

We work with A Chance for Children, The Boys and Girls Clubs, The Projects in Los Angeles, The City of Corona and schools throughout, homeless shelters, The Missions on Skid Row, After school programs, The LAPD, Los Angeles area schools throughout, St. Margerts Mary Churches, Little Free Library, Our Tiny Little House Projects, Organic Farms, Bookends, Skid Row Housing, Water Buffalo Club, Grandview (recovery programs), and many more.

Which events does PIFLA participate in? 

Pay It Forward For A Better LA has 34 events just at Christmas time alone. In addition, we contribute to the Pueblo’s in South Central every month with either a food, backpack, clothing, or furniture giveaways.  Christmas in July at the Santa Monica Piers in which 300 kids come and enjoy food, games, and treats.  Rebuilding charter schools that don’t have funds for sports equipment or art supplies.  Low-income food deliveries on short notice and having places to deliver to.

What does PIFLA look at accomplishing in the next three years?

With the Pandemic all around us, we are going to need more help and support for all.  Not only the young, but the old that have been shut-in and have the need to get back to normal.  Seniors are sometimes are the best volunteers.  It kills two birds with one stone, as the seniors enjoy the kids so much. Getting back to where we were before the pandemic will almost certainly be a long-term need for our community.

PIFLA behind the scenes – things you didn’t know about us. 

PIFLA is a charity that goes over and above to help all.  We are hands on and do whatever it take to make an impact on everything we can. We all have different backgrounds with the same focus.  From kids, to seniors, to homeless problems, and whatever comes our way, our organization is ready. 


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