Children’s Toys Motor For Toys 1)  15 years of annual toy drives in the San Fernando Valley 2)  Automobile community Christmas toy drive and car show 3)  Grew from 500 toys in first drive to 65,000 toys in best year, donated to 87 charities Christmas on Skid Row 1)  Nearly 35,000 toys donated and distributed 2)  Event established a “toy store”, where donor kids toured recipient kids to pick out toys 3)  Kids asked to take a book for every toy—many wanted more books than that! LAPD Partnerships 1) Underserved students given pandemic laptops, temporary FIOS internet, earphones for studied 2)  4,500 backpacks full of hygieneRead More →

Food Distribution Downtown Project 1)  Served over a million meals a year. 2)  Daily food drops to Inglewood’s St. Margaret Mary’s and shared food with Union Rescue Mission. 3)  SRO Housing 37 buildings a day —residents conscripted to help with inventory and delivery. Extra Credit Food Program 1)  Created program for students turning in extra additional school work got food. 2)  18 different schools with underserved populations across greater Los Angeles. 3)  Included hygiene and clothing donations as well alongside A Chance For Children. Starbucks Partnership 1)  Feeding 1,700 kids fed per day during its three year lifespan. 2)  Lori got Starbucks not only to donate foodRead More →

Homeless Housing   Downtown Project 1)  Creation of in-house barber and beauty shop, as well as a women’s shelter housing 76 women at any given time. 2)  Became hub of Skid Row homeless services under Lori’s leadership. 3)  Housing 400 individuals each at downtown LA and OC centers. Our Backyard Homes 1)  Board member & partner of 501c3 promoting sustainable backyard tiny homes on wheels. 2)  Finalist for $1 million LA County Housing Innovation Challenge Grant for college homeless housing scholarship program. 3)  Famous porta-home prototype retrofitting porta potty tiny home. Police Libraries 1)  Featured housing installation at Mayor Garcetti’s 2019 Engage LA in Windsor Square. 2)  CenterpieceRead More →

Donations Book Drives 1)  Over 3 million books donated, across metro LA and internationally. 2)  Books donated to Title I eligible schools, through vetting process ensuring need. 3)  $20 million and counting in value books. Community Building 1)  Over 310,000 student volunteers engaged. 2)  BookEnds student-centered literacy events, matching donor and recipient populations. 3)  650 recipient organizations served—including a presentation of organizational pride by each. Police Libraries 1)  Libraries established at police stations as a sanctuary for kids with limited or no options. 2)  36 libraries already created across LA County alongside A Chance For Children. 3)  Custom-built libraries with a unique theme for each.Read More →

Pay It Forward for a Better L.A. is a syncretic charity bringing communities, organizations, and people together to help Los Angeles’ less fortunate. Established in 1995 by founder Lori Neville, Pay It Forward was designed to be the ultimate local charity hub, partnering with local nonprofits and individuals to solve issues that seemed otherwise insurmountable. PIFLA bridges the gap between LA’s underserved kid’s and their prosperous future. Millions of kids live under the poverty line in LA, without access to the tools to get ahead. We provide that access. By securing strategic partnerships with key local organizations and community leaders to impact a greater numberRead More →